• Terry Train Toy by Haba
  • Terry Train Toy by Haba
  • Terry Train Toy by Haba

Terry Train Toy by Haba

$ 49.99

Ding-a-ling here comes the jingle train!

  • Terry the engine driver happily rides round the table and across the carpet. First stop: children's room!
  • Squeak, squeak--there we are! Lots of noises and movement make this toy particularly fascinating for children, from the little bell and squeaker to the driver who jiggles up and down as the train moves.
  • Made of beech wood.
  • Gross Motor
    This product encourages the use and development of large muscles in the body, as well as greater coordination. This includes walking, cycling, jumping and throwing. (ex. Tricycle)
  • Sensory
    This product is especially good for stimulating a child's sensory life, whether it be through vision, smell, hearing or tactile experience. This can encourage a child to further explore the world around them as well as provide a sense of comfort at times. (ex. Drums)
  • Independent Play
    This product encourages a child to play and problem solve by themselves. This helps to develop a sense of autonomy and self-confidence in one's own abilities. (ex. Play mats)
  • Made in Europe
    This product is manufactured in a country that belongs to the European Union, and as such, is produced under the laws and regulations of the EU. To see full list of EU countries:
  • L 11.5 x W 2.75 x H 5.0 in.