• Red Action Baby Boy 1pc Winter Snowsuit

Red Action Baby Boy 1pc Winter Snowsuit

$ 49.99

 Trendy and very warm Red Action baby boy one piece snowsuit with foot muffs.

  • Features ultra soft 100% cotton exterior in navy color.
  • Soft 100% cotton full body  and hood lining in dark burgundy/red color.
  • Adjustable waist with elastic ties on the exterior for a snug fit .
  • Thick padding for extra warmth.
  • Ribble cuffs for extra comfort.
  • Removable foot muffs via snaps.
  • Full length (over to the back) zip fastening for easy on-off with a snap flap for style.
  • Cute pockets, applique and detailing on the front.
  • 100% Cotton exterior, 100% cotton lining, 100% Fire Resistant (US Compliant) Poly batting.
  • Machine washable; Tuble dry low; Earth friendly Dry Clean.
  • Imported from Italy.