• Haba En Piste Mobile

Haba En Piste Mobile

$ 39.99

The "Curtains Rise" mobile makes a charming addition to baby's room.

  • We love that mouse and bear are attached by magnets so that they can hang as acrobats or be taken down for cuddling.
  • The star has a small foil mirror, the donut has a small bell, and the green and blue ornament rattles softly.
  • Lovingly designed in Germany.
  • Tent diameter: 13 in.; Mouse and bear height: 5.5 in. hanging length: 3 ft.
  • AGE: Newborns.
  • Sensory
    This product is especially good for stimulating a child's sensory life, whether it be through vision, smell, hearing or tactile experience. This can encourage a child to further explore the world around them as well as provide a sense of comfort at times. (ex. Drums)
  • Social/Emotional
    This product encourages social play in one or more children, as well as emotional development. This helps children to interact and work with others cooperatively, as well as to develop certain important social emotions such as empathy and understanding. (ex. Board game)
  • Independent Play
    This product encourages a child to play and problem solve by themselves. This helps to develop a sense of autonomy and self-confidence in one's own abilities. (ex. Play mats)