• HABA Blossom Stroller Toy
  • HABA Blossom Stroller Toy
  • HABA Blossom Stroller Toy

HABA Blossom Stroller Toy

$ 26.99

Keep baby entertained in the stroller or car seat with this charming pram chain designed in Germany.

  • Wooden and fabric flowers are threaded through a sturdy green cord.
  • We love the happy design and exceptional quality of this toy.
  • Blossoms Pram Decoration was lovingly designed and finely crafted in Germany.
  • Note: The pram chain is for display purposes only. It should be used only when securely attached to a crib, cars seat or baby buggy. The pram chain should NOT be given to a child to play with as a loose toy, as the cord may present a safety hazard for young children.
  • approx. 23.5 in.
  • Early Motor
    This product helps to encourage physical motion in the early stages of a baby's development, such as tracking, grasping, pointing and mouthing. (ex. Clutching toy)
  • Sensory
    This product is especially good for stimulating a child's sensory life, whether it be through vision, smell, hearing or tactile experience. This can encourage a child to further explore the world around them as well as provide a sense of comfort at times. (ex. Drums)
  • Made in Europe
    This product is manufactured in a country that belongs to the European Union, and as such, is produced under the laws and regulations of the EU. To see full list of EU countries:
  • Made in Germany.